Open Science expertise:

Open Access Publishing, Open Source, Reproducibility, Research Software Engineering, Research Culture


Producing, hosting and developing podcasts for scientific/engineering public engagement projects, training courses and classes

Research background:

Experimental particle physics, medical physics and imaging, research software engineering

Podcast expertise:

Creator, host and producer of the Code for Thought podcast, a show to promote and strengthen the growing community of software engineers in science and scientists worldwide. Since its launch in January 2021, the show has been steadily growing and offers regular episodes on a wide range of subjects.

Producer/Host of the “ByteSized RSE” mini-series as part of Code for Thought and the corresponding online ByteSized RSE classes. “ByteSized RSE” is an initiative of the Universe-HPC project in the UK.

Code for Thought is available on all major podcast directories (Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher etc) as well as YouTube and Soundcloud.

Podcast Services

Podcasts are an incredibly popular and successful format. And while the focus is usually on news and entertainment, podcasting can also be highly effective in community building, education, training and scientific outreach. As a podcast host and producer I offer the following services:

  • Training/Education: developing and producing podcast episodes alongside your training courses, classes and educational projects
  • Public Engagement and Outreach: developing and producing material for your science, research and engineering projects
  • Conferences/workshops: reporting on and covering workshops and conferences

City: London
Country: United Kingdom
☑ Happy to offer services virtually
☑ Happy to travel to places I can reach by train