Open Science expertise:

Open Access Publishing, Open Data/ Methods, Open Source, Open Educational Resources, Reproducibility/ Replicability, Research Software Engineering


Speaker, Training, Consultancy

Research background:

Electrical Engineering (Materials and Devices), Nanofabrication, Computational Materials Science and Engineering

Speaker expertise:

  • A Walking Tour of the 15 FAIR Principles

  • The Structure and Interpretation of FAIR Implementation Profiles

  • How to FAIRify a Dataset

  • How and Why to Adopt Continuous and Ubiquitous FAIR Infrastructure

Training expertise:

  • Introduction to Linked Data using Python and JSON-Document-oriented Databases such as MongoDB (open courseware)

  • Design and Deployment of ARK-scheme HTTP URIs as Globally Unique, Persistent, Resolvable Identifiers.

Consultancy expertise:

  • Strategy call: Get clarity on aspects of FAIR that are blocking your implementation progress so that you can de-risk your approach.

  • FIP Inventory + Roadmap: Get an unambiguous plan of action you can hand off to software developers and data engineers.

  • Dataset FAIRification PoC: Treat your favorite dataset, or make good on a Data Management Plan (DMP) claim. I give you specifics to apply your FAIR Implementation Profile (FIP) — clarifying and sequencing the steps to materialize and deploy resources — to your particular dataset, plus Proof of Concept (PoC) code to get you started.

  • Infrastructure Roadmap: Get clear on your adoption/implementation and integration of FAIR-enabling resources — identifier services, metadata schemas, registries, preservation policies, controlled-vocabulary stewardship, usage licenses, etc. — throughout your projects’ research lifecycles. I design and deliver a roadmap to continuous and ubiquitous FAIR data infrastructure for your lab.

  • DMP Rescue: Worry less. Three months of oversight for FAIR Data Management Plan (DMP) fulfillment, aka “DMP Rescue”. I will proactively help ensure your DMP is fulfilled. I check in on communication channels and bug/issue trackers. Oversight service may include delivery of task-relevant training workshops.

  • Infra Roadmap + PoC: When you want a concrete basis for iteration. The Infrastructure Roadmap service, plus a Proof of Concept (PoC) system implementation to get you started.

  • Infra Roadmap + PoC + Oversight: When you need proactive surveying of ground truth to be confident the plan is being honored.

Additional info:

I also host a podcast, Machine-Centric Science; blog on my personal website; and co-organize the FAIR Points effort with Sara El-Gebali and Chris Erdmann.

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